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What will your photo day be like?


From location to outfit changes and what happens if it rains, I will cover all of it with you. I will be in contact with you the week of your scheduled picture day just to touch base and answer any last minute questions you may have. Prior to your picture day, we will also have a rain day picked out in the event that your original scheduled day becomes rainy, which we do not want for pictures. 

For locations, I have a variety. I have used an old red barn, some beautiful fields, and rustic fences for more rural pictures. I have also done many pictures downtown to get the more city feel. I am open to any places that you may want to go for your pictures as well.

I brainstorm before each session to make sure that each one is their own. I love when people bring their own ideas for their pictures. I only do one session a day so I won't rush. Your day is your day! Timing will still depend on the package that you choose. Mini sessions are typically about half an hour and full sessions will run about an hour to an hour and a half. Seniors can plan for around 2 hours and maybe a little bit more.

Parents, if you're bringing your children for pictures feel free to bring candy or anything you feel will help get your little ones attention for pictures. I love to work for the candid photos so we do not need to worry about completely posing your kiddos. I've had many times were moms are doubtful we even got one good picture and to their surprise they see the pictures and are blown away by the moments that I catch!

I always get asked what to wear, I always say, wear what is comfortable and what you feel best in. Anything can go with your photos, it is all about doing you! With large groups, I will say to stay within the same tones of colors to make sure that all the outfits go together and no one sticks out in the picture. Pinterest is great for finding outfits and ideas. Options for outfits are unlimited and we can always talk more about it before your picture day.

To wrap up your pictures, I will get to editing your pictures as soon as I can. This is my favorite part! I will have all the pictures put into an online gallery within 2 weeks so that you can view and share them with family members from home. As soon as you are ready, I will have your drive ready with all of your edited photos and a release to print.

Pictures are meant to be casual and fun, so that is my goal with your day!


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